What We Do? Inc. offer a wide array of services.  Scroll through our list to see how we can help you with making your next indoor or outdoor project your masterpiece.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Be sure to have your under ground gas lines roughed in before the landscaping starts.

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Gas Ranges

Gas ranges have to be installed by certified licensed professionals. Though the process is simple, there are many steps to ensure it is safe.

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Pool Heater Installation

If you own a swimming pool, you would like to maximize your season. A pool heater will allow you that luxury. Going with a Natural Gas unit would be the most cost effective solution for heating your pool.

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Hydronic In-Floor Heating Systems

In floor heating is the most comfortable form of heating in a home. It has become ever so popular in the last decade with even new construction subdivisions offering them as an option. Simple systems can run off a combination hot water tank.

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Hydronic Snow Melt Systems

Know your contractor and have confidence in them when selecting your snow melt system. read our articles about snow melt systems to educate yourself before selecting your contractor.

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Patio Ideas

Not every gas fitter is equipped to handle every job. Our focus is on outdoor gas lines to pool heaters, cabana's BBQ's firepit's and fire tables. Count on us to do it right the first time!

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Gas Leak Repairs

Gas leaks are never fun. Even as a contractor, we are entering a job-site of the "unknown". Remember, some homes have over 80 years of gas lines that have to be taken apart and re-configured. Over these years, many additions, modifications and changes have been made and each time potentially causing a minor leak. Ensure a pressure test is completed on your home when any contractor is looking to repair your gas leaks.

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Red Tag Repairs

Red Tags are issued for your safety. Call us to make sure they are completed correctly and the hazard has been fixed - 416-879-2812

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