Gas Pipes - Sizing & Installation

Gas Pipes - Sizing & Installation

Pipe sizing and reaming - done right!

Sizing a gas system is critical for the performance and safety of your appliances. Undersized gas lines will cause incomplete combustion which has a direct effect on flue gasses emitted. One of the common byproducts of incomplete combustion is Carbon Monoxide or CO.

Larger appliances such as pool heaters, generators and higher output boilers often require dedicated gas supply lines from the source or meter.

Some gas range manufacturers (KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Wolf, Bertazzoni, Brigade and some BlueStar models) are now demanding their appliances be installed with a 3/4″ IPS supply line.  This is less common then the standard 1/2″ which has been the norm for years.

In addition to sizing the supply lines appropriately, iron pipe fittings must be “Reamed” as to remove the burr from the inside of the pipe. Have a look at the 2 pipes in the picture below, both are the same size however the one on the left has been reamed.  The right on will significantly reduce flow to the appliance.  Even though it may be properly sized, not reaming gas pipes will cause incomplete combustion.  Trust your gas fitter will take the extra 5 minutes to do the job right the first time.

Two identical pipes. The left pipe has been reamed,
while on the right side, the installer has cut corners.

When threading pipe, it is a 10 second process to ream every end. 

Which one do you think will have proper flow?

reamed gas pipe
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