Gas Dryer vents

Gas Dryer vents

Screws in the venting of gas dryers
WILL cause house fires!

7.5.3 – A moisture-exhaust duct shall not be secured with screws.CSA B149-1


Did you know that your gas dryer vent must be cleaned out at least once a year.  Lint accumulation in the exhaust vent can cause a house fire. For this reason, installation codes specify minimum clearances that must be met and maintained. Often is it worthwhile consulting with a gas technician before replacing your gas dryer with a new gas dryer. Just because you have had one for decades, it doesn’t mean it has met code regulations or can be swapped out with a new gas dryer. Below are some things to consider when installing/operating your gas dryer.

Clean your dryer lint trap after every use. Lint accumulation on this screen restricts the flow of exhaust gases and decreases efficiency of your unit.

Heat recovery traps are also prohibited for gas dryers.  Any combusting appliance will create some level of carbon monoxide.  We do not want to allow any opportunity for this hazardous gas to enter the house.

Whenever possible, use rigid venting for gas dryers.  The corrugations in the ‘flex vents’ will act as restrictions for the lint and cause them to build up over time.

Gas dryer terminations have to be at least 3 ft away from any intake into the house. In addition to this, they cannot have any screens on them.  A metal flap is the preferred vent to use.

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