Vaughan Snow Melt - Phase 2

Project Overview

New mechanical room for a snow melt in Vaughan.

This snow melt system is ready for a GasGuys overhaul

This snow melt system has seen better days.  We are excited to take on this challenge to isolate the system and create it’s own mechanical room. Collaborating with Schuller Hydronics for this portion of the project ensured we could have the system up and running in no time. 

air pockets in pex

Even though the system was calling for heat, there were several loops that were not circulating. The bright lines indicate the heat circulating through the manifold and PEX while the darker lines are the cold returns. 4 returns were ice cold, and 3 were luke-warm. A lack of air bleeders on this system caused the air pockets to form in the loops and prevent the glycol from circulating.

In order to fix this project, we had t build a false wall so conceal the pipes and mount our equipment on. 3/4″ plywood and checkerboard are then installed and the boiler goes in first. We then cut the old manifold out, extend the tubing to come out of one common spot in the wall.

Lochinvar Knight 285

Labeling each pipe to ensure we know where it goes is important. We want each supply to line up with the proper return so that when we have to adjust flow or fill the system, it is intuitive and we avoid crossed lines.

Gabor starts laying down the the components and piping while i sort out the tubing to the manifold.

The last thing we want is to connect the supply and return on the same manifold.

Snow melt and heated walkway sections are completed. Next to tie in the in-floor for the garages and then a day of wiring.

Schuller Hydronic Manifold

We only use quality components in our systems. This true 1-1/4″ 9 loop Schuller manifold as well as the 2 thermostats for the in floor zones, will ensure many years of worry free use.

Wiring is completed and time to configure and startup our equipment.

Snow Melt

Now that we are all done, time to label the components and hand the system off to this home owner.