Underground gas lines

Project Overview

Underground gas supply lines to feed into an outdoor BBQ, Fireplace and 2 gas generators in Nobleton

poly lines

This project will feature an outdoor BBQ Bar, custom stone fireplace and rough in for 2natural gas generators.  Underground gas lines are run to each termination.

After the trenches are completed, GasGuys.ca are called in to ‘drop’ the lines. Here we have 2 x 1-1/2″ lines for the generators and a 1″ line that will be teed off of to supply a Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 BBQ as well as a Napoleon Fireplace with gas log set.

A Permasert tee is used to split the underground line so we can branch off to the BBQ bar.  These are ‘one time’ use fittings and if they are not installed correctly have to be thrown out as there is no way of removing the pipe once it has been pushed into place.

Here we are standing at the base of the fireplace.  At the very top left of this picture you can see the BBQ bar has been built.  This is where the underground tee dropped off the first branch of this gas line.  Though the fireplace is only 65,000 BTU’s a 1″ gas line was run to ensure there is enough flow for both appliances.  Notice the clean trench which is well over 15″ deep to meet code compliance.

We add a tee to the 1-1/2″ gas line to extend iron pipe to our outdoor manifold.The first 2 lines will be the generator rough in’s and the last will be our supply for the fireplace and BBQ bar. All underground gas supply lines must be accompanied by a tracer wire so they can be located once buried.

napoleon outdoor fireplace

Royal Stone have framed and built this fireplace out of fire retardant materials. It is ready to be connected.

All outdoor iron gas supply lines must be painted to protect them from corrosion. Here is the supply line feeding into the fireplace insert.

To some gas lines are ugly, to us they are symmetry and art.  We try our best to keep our gas lines as clean and level as possible as to be able to ‘blend in’ with their environment.  Sometimes it is easier said than done.