Gas Supply Lines

Project Overview

Underground gas supply lines for generator, snow melt, pool/spa & outdoor cooking stations

This totally custom back yard was ready for it’s transformation. Over size pool with hot tub and spill over. The hot tub, BBQ stations, side walkway and front driveway all have snow melts to ensure they are accessible

A cleaned up gas meter is always a good start for a project.  2 gas lines were eliminated/replaced to allow for the expansion of this new project. As always tracer wires are added to the underground gas lines to allow for future locates.

underground gas supply lines

The 2 larger lines are supply the NTI boilers and Generac natural gas generator.  The last 1″ line will feed the 2 outdoor BBQ cooking stations. 

Backup Generator gas line

This gas line wraps around the back porch and supplies the Generac unit with ample pressure.   I stopped counting how many drill bits we were going through while drilling these pilot holes for support  brackets on the granite.  This line is ready for pressure test and paint.

Tibor from Schuller Hydronics has taken over the task of installing the boilers with the hydronic system.  The end result, a beautiful functional home with multiple outdoor features all year round fun and entertainment.