Damaged Underground Gas Line

Project Overview

Repairing a damaged underground gas supply line

GasGuys.ca Inc. were called in to repair a damaged underground gas supply line during excavations at an industrial facility. The damaged 1-1/4″ pipe was damaged during excavation. It supplies the security office with heating and and hot water. It is imperative that the following things are looked at when running underground supply lines:

  • tracer wire accompanies the gas supply line for future locates
  • Shut off valve is present when entering the ground as well as coming out at the destination
  • Polyethylene line has been chamferred before it couples into the underground fittings
  • Pressure test is completed before the line is backfilled to ensure it is sealed
gas line repair

Underground couplings can be added to join polyethylene lines. The “poly” lines have to be chamferred first to accept the fittings and make a proper seal. The damaged portion was cut out, 2 couplings added and a new portion of gas supply line to join them.

gas pressure test

Here we test the repair for leaks. 15 PSI for 15 minutes is our mandated test for standard supply lines.