Pool Heater Installation

Pool Heater Installation

Service Overview

The most common heating source for your pool or spa is a natural gas fired pool heater. Installing one can add months to your season of enjoying your pool he spa. As authorized Hayward technicians, we have undergone rigorous training, understand their products and know what they require to be installed correctly. Some of the following things have to be considered when installing a pool heater:

  • Will it be enclosed in a Cabana?
  • What size gas supply line is required?
  • Do we have proper clearances for the exhaust?

We are authorized Hayward and Pentair pool heater specialists. Call us for both warranty and non warranty service calls.

We typically stock the most common parts on hand and can arrive ready to repair your heater on the spot.


The short answer is NO. More often than not pool heater supply lines are undersized. The reason being is that over the years technology has evolved which have altered the demands of these units. A 200,000 BTU natural draft pool heater 15 years ago would have required less gas than a high efficiency equivalent model now.Unless your pool heater supply line has been intentionally oversized, it is not recommended to split the gas line for multiple appliances.

The only time you should see water under your pool heater/equipment is when you are cleaning, testing or replacing components. Signs of water or puddles under your equipment are the first visible signs that something may be potentially going wrong inside your equipment.