Patio Ideas

Patio Ideas

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Have you thought about an outdoor kitchen with built in BBQ bar to be engaged with your guests while preparing meals? How about a natural gas fireplace/fire-pit to sit around to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere with an infrared heater for those cooler nights?

Having a campfire in the back yard or patio is as simple as turning a knob and pushing a button on your Natural Gas Fire Pit. They can provide the atmosphere of a cozy campfire – in a city or suburb.  Natural gas fire pits have high-input burners that provide instant heat to the surrounding area. Simple to turn on and off, they give the warmth and atmosphere of a campfire, with the convenience of cleaner burning natural gas and no glowing embers to put out or soot clean the next day.


Most home owners have a 1/2″ supply line feeding their BBQ. Depending on the total length of the pipe and where it has been reduced to, it is difficult to split this to add a fire table/pit as well. More often than not we would have to run a new line from either the furnace room or the source.