Gas Ranges

Gas Ranges

Service Overview

Connecting your gas range is a fairly simple process, however all safety checks and inspections must be taken both during the connection and after installation to ensure the range starts up safely and properly.

Our gas range installation services include the following:

  • Installing anti tip bracket
  • Connecting a new appliance flex hose to the supply line
  • Leak test the new fittings on the gas line
  • Startup appliance to ensure it is in good working order
  • Provide the customer with a tutorial on how to use the new appliance


Any time you use your range or cooktop you will smell a little bit of gas. The reason for this is the source of ignition for the burners is on one side of the burner. Until the gas ignites and the flame works itself around the burner, there will always be un-combusted gas escaping to the room. This is what you would be smelling.

Absolutely! It is important that you use your exhaust fan when cooking with your range top or gas oven to exhaust both the heat and the byproducts of combustion including carbon monoxide.