Gas Leak Repairs

Gas Leak Repairs

Service Overview

If you smell natural gas in your home, your first step is to contact the Enbridge emergency line. They will dispatch a technician and verify the leak. In the event that they can isolate the line, they will do so, if not they will shut down the service at the meter or main supply line. Detecting a gas leak can be a very elaborate process.

What is Involved?

Our gas leak repairs are very thorough and second to none. Outlined below are the steps taken:

  • Isolate all the natural gas appliances -prevent their regulators from being damaged from this process​
  • Pressure test - we “stress test” the joint and fittings and start our detection process ​
  • Locate and identify leak - a combination of digital and manual methods are used to locate and identify gas leaks
  • Repair gas leak - appropriate repairs will be made to the gas supply line to ensure it is sealed
  • Repeat pressure test - the pressure test is again conducted after the repair to ensure that this is the only leak present in the system and it is now gas tight.
  • Re-connect gas appliances - restore natural gas supply and startup appliances

4.3.7 It shall be the responsibility of the installer of a piping or tubing system to perform pressure tests in accordance with Clause 6.22.2 and to ensure that the piping or tubing system is gas-tight at the completion of the tests.

CSA Canadian Standards Association B149.1-10 – January 2010

Popular Question

There are several ways to price out a gas leak repair. There is a base price to show up and perform the test. From there some companies charge by the hour and others by the leak. We have chosen to charge by the leak. I have seen many companies that charge by the hour and drag out these tests for much longer than necessary. They will insist on waiting out the entire duration of the pressure test, even though they see tha gauge is dropping and there is a leak on the system. Often they will repair one leak at a time, knowing there are others only to waste 45 minutes per leak when they know there are more in the system.

This is an unknown. The minimum time a gas leak repair takes is one hour. On average our process takes 3 – 4 hours however we have had situations where it can take 8 – 12 hours.

After we perform our pressure test, we will exhaust all the possibilities of the gas leak being in an unfinished portion of the basement. Once we have confirmed that these lines are sealed, there is a possibility we will have to cut into the ceiling or walls to locate additional gas leaks.

No. the last thing we want to do is start cutting out ceilings and drywall, however in the event that we have to, we try to keep our cut outs to a minimum.  We will tarp the flooring to ensure minimal dust. We do not repair the basements after the gas line has been fixed.