BBQ Fire

BBQ Fire

Check your natural gas BBQ hose before every use!

It is very important you inspect your BBQ before every use.  If you smell natural gas and the burner knobs are off, there is a good chance you have a damaged natural gas hose. run your fingers along the hose to see if it has been frayed at any point.  The most common point of failure is where the hose enters the BBQ.  Often manufacturers provide you with a plastic grommet.  It is important to ensure this stays in place and does not pop out.  Other manufacturers bevel this hole to avoid any sharp edges.  The most common culprit for BBQ hose damage are rodents.  They smell the grease in your grease trap and try to get into the BBQ cavity.  Chewing the hose and gnawing away thinking they can cut through the stainless corrugations.

BBQ fire

This hose has rodent damage to the rubber sheathing which acts as a seal for the corrugated hose.  You can see the clean claw or tooth marks to the left. The metal corrugations are there to prevent kinking.

BBQ Fire

The hose has damage at the hole where the rodent tried to get in from.  Gas escaped and eventually rose to near the burner.  After a mini ‘boom’ the hose caught on fire like a torch.  Thankfully no one was hurt at this home. You can see the door magnet melted from the heat.

Even though this BBQ manufacturer has done all they can to bevel the entry point and eliminate sharp metal edges, we cannot control nature. The grey plastic pieces are what was stripped off of the gas line before it caught on fire.

Check your natural gas BBQ hose before every use.  Even if it your use the BBQ on a daily basis. You can never be too safe.  If you smell gas, turn your shut off valve in the off position.

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